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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Who are the Witnesses of Dr J A Mathan's Marriage named Arockiaswamy and Jairaj? Family of A Irudayasamy?

Who are the Witnesses of Dr J A Mathan's Marriage named Arockiaswamy and Jairaj? Family of A Irudayasamy?

"How long will you go here and there, O unfaithful daughter? For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth-- A woman will encompass a man."
Jeremiah 31:22 "How long will you go here and there, O unfaithful daughter? For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth-- A woman will encompass a man."

Jer 31,22b relates to the multiple other ancient Near Eastern cultural contexts (literary, social-political and religious) where the same mundus inversus principle or gender role reversal/Symbolic inversions is for the purpose of legitimising a social order.There is an example of a Hittite self-maledictory oath.

Sirach   Chapter 4
9 Deliver the oppressed from the hand of the oppressor; let not justice be repugnant to you.
10 To the fatherless be as a father, and help their mother as a husband would.

Sirach Chapter 23
16 Two types of men multiply sins, a third draws down wrath; For burning passion is a blazing fire, not to be quenched till it burns itself out: A man given to sins of the flesh, who never stops until the fire breaks forth;
[16] Two types . . . a third: three kinds of sins of impurity, with increasing degrees of gravity: solitary sins (Sirach 23:16) fornication (Sirach 23:17) and adultery (Sirach 23:18-21).
22 So also with the woman who is unfaithful to her husband and offers as heir her son by a stranger.
23 First, she has disobeyed the law of the Most High; secondly, she has wronged her husband; Thirdly, in her wanton adultery she has borne children by another man.
[23] The detailed evil of adultery includes disobedience to God's law (Exodus 20:14), injustice to a partner in marriage, and disgraceful offspring.
24 Such a woman will be dragged before the assembly, and her punishment will extend to her children;
25 Her children will not take root; her branches will not bring forth fruit.

[24-25] The judgment of the assembly determined the illegitimacy of children born of adultery or incest and excluded them from the "community of the LORD" (Deut 23:3). Cf Wisdom 3:16-19; 4:3-6.
26 She will leave an accursed memory; her disgrace will never be blotted out.

The late Dr J A Mathan was married in Sacred Heart Church, Bangalore in 1972. Now, who are the TWO Witnesses A Arockiaswamy and Jayaraj?
There is a person named A Irudayasamy who's Father's name is A Arockiaswamy!
And, there is a person named Jairaj who is the son of Irudayasamy, and was only 14 years at this time!

But, who is the person named Irudayasamy? Why should he stand in the place of Packiam? What is there to give and take?
Marriage of late Dr J A Mathan (remains Adi Dravida HINDU)
Irudayasamy was a man originally from Ponnmalaipatty, Trichy (Tiruchirapally), the son of Arockiaswamy and Pappammal/Mary.  Arockiaswamy was married twice.
Irudayasamy was a Choir boy in St Anthony's Church, Puliakulam around the period 1944 - 1948.  His ancestral house is still opposite the Church in St Anthony's Church, Puliakulam. 

Irudayasamy had to rush back to Trichy for a "particular reason" around 1950s and got married to Victoria.

MBBS Dr J A Mathan

Dr J A Mathan studied in Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore, India. His religion declared while education was "Adi Dravida" Hindu.
J C Adimoolam (in a Good shepherd pose)
Dr J A Mathan's father was the leader of RPI in Karnataka named J C Adimoolam.
His Mother Jeevarathanam Loved Dr J A Mathan
He was posted in Kollur Primary Health Centre in 1973 to 1974. His colleagues in the Kollur Primary Health Centre (near Yadgir) included the Compounder Shantharaj Redson and his SIX Sons including Sunil Redson.
Kollur Government Primary Health Centre, Chittapur District, Gulbarga
They all stayed in the same Residential Compound. Shantharaj Redson was the Neighbour in the Residential Compound.
Residential Block of the Kollur Primary Health Centre, Chittapur Taluk, Gulbarga (Near Yadgir)
There were many Threats to his life in Yadgir/Gulbarga, following which he requested to be posted to Bangalore.
The adulterous wolves followed  him to Bangalore.

18 October 1976 Chronology

Visitor 1: The Trap
The sister Saraswathi of Sworn enemy (Brother-in-law Sugumaran) made the last call to Dr J A Mathan to examine for a false complaint of Chest Pain (which she never had) for a Home Visit.
J A Rani and the late J A Poongodi (J A stands for Jolarpettai Adimoolam) 

Sugumaran was Forced to Marry sister Rani (of Dr J A Mathan) in a Forced Shotgun Marriage in 29/7/1971 in KGF, after a public brawl with Dr J A Mathan in KGF.
Visitor 2
A Junior Redson (?? Which of the SIX sons??) visited Dr J A Mathan in Directorate of Health Services, Anand Rao Circle, Bangalore in the morning of 18 October 1975. (and every day for the Last Few days of the Murder of late Dr J A Mathan)
"Dr" Sunil Redson
 Sunil Redson is now a "Doctor" as well practicing in Yadgir, Karnataka (based on a forgery RMP Certificate issued in the name of Dr J A Mathan).
Dr J A Mathan was Murdered on 18 October 1975 in Austin Town
Dr J A Mathan
There are no records of F.I.R. (First Information Record), No Post-mortem records and No Death Certificate (before the Burial).
Marriage of late Dr J A Mathan (remains Adi Dravida HINDU)

Dr J A Mathan was professing as an Adi Dravida Hindu at the time of his death, and was the son of J C Adimoolam (who was THE Adi Dravida leader of Karnataka).

There is No ADDRESS written in the Burial Register of late Dr J A Mathan (only for Dr J A Mathan) in St Patrick's Church, Bangalore.
Death Register of Dr J A Mathan (No address)
The burial Certificate of late Dr J A Mathan

The burial Certificate of late Dr J A Mathan
The grave-stone of late Dr J A Mathan
They spit on my Grave!

The death Certificate saying Cause of Death "Accident" was produced by the brother of late Dr J A Mathan named J A Siddhu and J A Ambeth after the BURIAL of Dr J A Mathan.
Despite being a Professing "Adi Dravida Hindu" the two Adi Dravida brothers (J A Siddhu and J A Ambeth) declare that J A Mathan is a Christian (Ch) by Religion, produce NO Medical Cause of Death Certificate and provide no evidence of Cause of Death.

ORAL/VERBAL TESTIMONY by Two False Witnesses.
BBMP Death Certificate
No FIR or Post-mortem reports were submitted to the BBMP.
False Witness J A Siddhu
All the assets of late Dr J A Mathan (who died intestate) were misappropriated by Impostors.

Fast-Forward to the Future 2011

House of Quack Sunil Redson on 27 July 2011
(No Name Board outside House)
Opposite LIC Building, Station Road, Yadgir, Karnataka
Sunil Redson is a Quack practicing as a Doctor in Yadgir along with his Father Shantharaj Redson and his FIVE Brothers, since the Murder of late Dr J A Mathan since 1976 (without having Qualifications).Sunil Redson even displays his name in the Notice Board  in the Yadgir Railway Station as having MD/BAMS qualification.

Hindi Name
Name of the Hospital
Mode of ransport
Mobail No


Health Unit, Raichur


Govt Hospital, Yadgir



Dr G Rajendra, MD


Dr Naganna K MBBS


Dr Sunil Kumar Redson MD/BAMS
By Walk


Dr S Srinivas Reddy


Dr G Aparna Rajendra, MS, DGO, FIMS

Display of List of Hospitals outside Yadgir Railway Station
Dr Sunil Redson, BAMS/MD in List of Hospitals outsideYadgir Railway Station prior to November 2011
There is an ongoing investigation based on the Criminal Intimidation by Sunil Redson and his friend Threatening the Life and Limb of the Legitimate Daughter of Dr J A Mathan on 22 February 2011.
"Dr" Sunil Redson and yet another Son
This enquiry was done based on the Threat to Life by someone from the Past of late Dr J A Mathan.
Sunil Redson Working under cover of a BAMS student??? since October 2011
Working under cover of a BAMS student??
Sunil Redson and his father Shantharaj Redson have been found not to be having the Licence to Practice by the "Karnataka Medical Council (KMC) and Medical Council of India (MCI).
KMC and MCI Conclude Sunil Redson and Shantharaj Redson are Quacks
The MCI and KMC Conclude the Enquiry
Sunil Redson Prescribes a Banned Drug Tab NISE (Nimulside): Prescribing a Drug Banned by the Government of India
Other Prescriptions by "Dr" Sunil  Redson
Prescription by "Dr" Sunil Redson with Signature and Date
In November 2011, Sunil Redson meets the "Inspector of Works,Yadgir Railway Station, Yadgir" and informs the Person responsible for Painting that "He's not a Doctor" and to remove his name from the List of Doctors on the Notice Board in Yadgir Railway Station.

Painted Over
Present practice of Dr Sunil Redson (March 2012)

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